How can someone know my music listening habits?

How could someone, like a marketer, know what music you are listening to? How would they know you like Kidz Bop or Van Halen? The Recording Industry Association of America recently released a report that showed that 75% of the…

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What is a data dividend?

Jump directly to the answer or read through the details below to get the answer. While you're in an elevator, walking to work, sitting in your doctor's waiting room, or laying in bed getting ready to fall asleep, we avoid…

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Why should I delete my old Tweets?

We tend to share a lot on social media, often commenting on everything from life-changing events to commenting on the most mundane of topics. Politics to what we've eaten today, Marriages and Births to spending time at work. In those…

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Why should I read a Privacy Policy?

We tend to ignore Privacy Policies when we use a website. When was the last time you read either one for a website you use regularly? The contents of the privacy policy could include, amongst other data: What data is…

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Why do we ask to email you?

In your account settings area, you can choose whether or not we can email you. We monitor your privacy constantly and may find new information you need to know about. However, we will only be able to notify you if…

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I don’t do anything wrong so why should I care about privacy?

We get asked why one should care about their privacy. With all of the technology available today and the US government monitoring everything such as what we post online or facial recognition at airports, our loss of privacy is inevitable…

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Who can track which websites I’ve visited?

We often get asked who by users who it is that is tracking their browsing habits. The questions most often come up based on some creepy ads that are very specific to the user's browsing habits. How you're tracked Your…

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Where can I find out about different US State Privacy Laws?

Whether you are looking for general privacy laws/bills or ones related to children or employees, you can find them on the National Conference of State Legislatures page on Privacy.

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What Do I Do When I Find Out My Data Has Been Breached?

It is always a bit unsettling when you find out that your data has been breached. Here are some tips on what to do next. Find out what data the hackers got. Did they get your username and password, credit…

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Does a Company Have To Notify Me If Hackers Stole My Data From Them?

In the United States, yes, companies must disclose that information in accordance with security breach notification laws. Breaches must be reported if "sensitive personally identifying information has been acquired or is reasonably believed to have been acquired by an unauthorized…

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