Consumers control their data and make money off of their data across apps and websites.

Enterprises ensure regulatory compliance and keep proper contact information about their users.


Your contact information, pictures, articles, and other information you may or may not have shared exist throughout the web or are simply passed around and sold by others. All of this either happens without your consent or you may have “consented” to it by clicking a button that you read a 50-page, complicated agreement that you never really read.
Utilizing our platform, view the data that is out there about you, control what information is shown, decide what to share, or choose to opt-out entirely. more…

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Are you sure you are compliant with regulations? Each state has its own rules around consumer data and how they should be treated. Discussions exist around data dividends (paying consumers for utilizing their data). Are you on top of all of these rules? Do you have tools and processes in place to handle this?

Simply sign up for the Control.My.ID Enterprise Platform to get access to a tool that will keep you compliant and give you the workflow tools you need to complete and keep track of requests. more…

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