I don’t do anything wrong so why should I care about privacy?

16 May 2019

We get asked why one should care about their privacy. With all of the technology available today and the US government monitoring everything such as what we post online or facial recognition at airports, our loss of privacy is inevitable anyway.

If someone were to pose this question to you, your response could be “give me the following information…”

Those who say they don’t care about their privacy because they’re not doing anything wrong are really saying they don’t care if the proper authorities are monitoring them because they aren’t doing anything wrong. What they fail to imagine is data is being collected by everyone and will often fall into the wrong hands, including hackers. Juniper Research’s 2018 report says 148 billion records will be exposed through 2023!

Privacy doesn’t matter until it does. We are unable to understand all of the ramifications until it I too late. You don’t think privacy is important until someone tries to use your exposed social security number to file a tax return in your name to steal your return or information from social networks or people search sites to call you and scam you out of paying a ransom for a fake kidnapping.

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