Are you confused over all of the different rules and regulations regarding consumer data? Do you need a Consumer Data Privacy Compliance Platform?

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It’s not easy managing your enterprise. Each state is enacting their own laws and all have different laws and regulations around consumer PII. Each region has their own rules about how you treat your customer’s data such as the CCPA in California or the ADD Act at the US federal level or the GDPR in the European Union.

You could spend a lot of time, money, and effort trying to decipher it all or you can leverage the Control.My.ID Enterprise Data Management Platform to manage users and their requests. Regardless of where your customers reside or what their jurisdiction, the Control.My.ID platform takes the headache out of managing your customers’ data. Track all of the interactions with consumers and their requests, track responses and actions, automate workflows, and keep it all in an format that you can use to audit in order to ensure proper privacy compliance.

Control.My.ID can also help with Privacy by Design decisions and Privacy Impact Assessments.

Control.My.ID helps publishers and brands achieve privacy compliance with tools that help attain consent and opt-ins from consumers in a unified dashboard that manages all data subject requests (DSR/DSRs), data access requests (DAR/DARs),  collectively DSAR/DSARs, all in one place. It is a consumer management platform (CMP)/customer data platform (CDP) that helps retain consumers with trust but also eases your workflow.

You can look up some high-level data on your company’s domain and any exposure found so far by looking at our Company Security Report Tool.

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