Why should I delete my old Tweets?

We tend to share a lot on social media, often commenting on everything from life-changing events to commenting on the most mundane of topics. Politics to what we’ve eaten today, Marriages and Births to spending time at work.

In those posts, and specifically, we are talking about Twitter, these fleeting comments last forever if you don’t delete them. Why would someone care about a tweet posted two years ago? If they cared or wanted to follow you, they would get your tweets in their feeds. If they were someone who wanted to decide if they wanted to follow you, they would look at the contents and frequency of more current tweets.

It has been reported that others have mined past tweets to get individuals fired (even for satirical tweets) from their jobs.

Furthermore, tweets are used to mine everything about you including personal information, where you are located, and what to market to you…and not just by twitter as much of this information is publicly available even if you don’t see it (i.e. location information is automatically embedded in the tweet unless you disable it in the privacy settings).

Control.My.ID provides you with tools to delete trailing tweets (i.e “older than past 3 months” or “older than 1 year”) and you have the option of backing up and downloading your tweets so you still have them if you need them and this tool is free!