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Laurie Donnell, Madison, WI Laurie Kalstad, Beaverton, OR Laurie B Glanz, Orchard Lake, MI
Laurie Hall, New Haven, CT Laurie A Kabbaby, Hollywood, FL Laurie A Ford, Montgomery, AL
Laurie Holiday, Louisville, KY Laurie Kostrzak, Crivitz, WI Laurie Hutchinson, Deer Isle, ME
Laurie Hull, Thomaston, CT Laurie A Jaskiewicz, Columbus, OH Laurie A Fallert, White River Junction, VT
Laurie Edwards, Oakley, CA Laurie Hansen-Petersen, Lynnwood, WA Laurie Harman, Stonington, CT
Laurie K Holevas, Friant, CA Laurie J Elwell, Schenectady, NY Laurie Eskine, Franklin, LA
Laurie Hignite, Murfreesboro, NC Laurie Kraft, Conway, SC Laurie L Jonas, Red Wing, MN
Laurie A Johnson, Perris, CA Laurie Haradzin, North Irwin, PA Laurie H Feller, Westby, WI
Laurie Huddleston, Haverhill, MA Laurie N Hood, Hampton, GA Laurie J Donaldson, Rushville, MO
Laurie Farris, Dallas, TX Laurie J Frank, Marshfield, MA Laurie Johnson, Nashville, TN
Laurie A Heeley, Peoria, AZ Laurie Hepner, Sylvania, OH Laurie Ferlazzo, Arlington, TX
Laurie A Gold, Averill Park, NY Laurie Hartsell, Desoto, TX Laurie Feltman, Grand Forks, ND
Laurie Greco, Baytown, TX Laurie Garman, Orting, WA Laurie C Huntington, Sparta, WI
Laurie Gois, Pawtucket, RI Laurie A Jarchow, Danville, CA Laurie Duntertmann, Allegan, MI
Laurie Driscoll, Sea Cliff, NY Laurie A Kimball, Dracut, MA Laurie Lamb, Little Rock, AR
Laurie Fisher, Grand Prairie, TX Laurie Huber, Minneapolis, MN Laurie Joseph, Chicago, IL
Laurie Hay, Franklin, LA Laurie A Kaplan, Washington, DC Laurie Kell, Kerman, CA
Laurie A Hampshire, Salt Lake City, UT Laurie T Foreman, Metairie, LA Laurie G Jordan, Holly, MI
Laurie Gill, Gordon, GA Laurie B Donley, Ellsworth, KS Laurie Field, Albuquerque, NM
Laurie Galloway, Houlka, MS Laurie Izutsukeener, Brooklyn, NY Laurie L Gregersen, Eugene, OR
Laurie Kerns, Lane, IL Laurie Knuckles, Gibbsboro, NJ Laurie J Ford, Jewett City, CT
Laurie Hulen, Heyworth, IL Laurie Graham, Sugar Land, TX Laurie Hood, Lake Charles, LA
Laurie Kelley, Spring, TX Laurie Kitchen, Orchard Park, NY Laurie Drago, New Orleans, LA
Laurie Eisenbach, Saint Louis, MO Laurie Deyette, Hampden, MA Laurie Howard, Fredericksbrg, VA
Laurie Holland, Menlo, GA Laurie Jochumsen, St Petersburg, FL Laurie M Endo, Long Beach, CA
Laurie Fritz, Barnhart, MO Laurie B Frankel, Corona Del Mar, CA Laurie Gold, Los Angeles, CA
Laurie A Ingram, Silverhill, AL Laurie Laing, Dingmans Fry, PA Laurie Hinds, Queens Vlg, NY
Laurie Englehardt, Macomb, MI Laurie L Edwards, Little Egg Harbor Twp, NJ Laurie Gallo, New Fairfield, CT
Laurie F Esposito, Rockaway Beach, NY Laurie J Halvorsen, Oak Creek, WI Laurie Horan, Monmouth, NJ
Laurie Houston, Manchester, NH Laurie A Geisel, Milwaukee, WI Laurie J Goddard, Loxahatchee, FL
Laurie Jones, Stockton, CA Laurie B Jewett, Poquoson, VA Laurie Foster, Sorento, IL
Laurie D Helzer, Marysville, CA Laurie M Kroon, Harrison Township, MI Laurie Flanagan, Bronx, NY
Laurie Gatlin, Carson City, NV Laurie Johnson, Conneautville, PA Laurie C Dunn, Tacoma, WA
Laurie L Fox, La Quinta, CA Laurie Herman, Tempe, AZ Laurie Hanson, Batavia, IL
Laurie J Hurley, Newbury Park, CA Laurie Donahoe, San Jose, CA Laurie Fritsche, Baldwin, WI
Laurie A Geist, Keizer, OR Laurie Kingsboro, Mount Joy, PA Laurie Keene, Palatka, FL
Laurie Gushlaw, Romulus, NY Laurie Fulwood, Round Rock, TX Laurie A Feathers, New Riegel, OH
Laurie A Englehart, North Platte, NE Laurie Hatch, Superior, WI Laurie K Garner, Versailles, KY
Laurie L Heiserman, Lincoln, NE Laurie Kage, Douglas, NE Laurie Egbert, Logan, UT
Laurie Herrera, Madison, NE Laurie B Lamb, Charlotte, NC Laurie L Diener, Ray, MI
Laurie Hessler, Ellington, CT Laurie Dubois, Kimball, MN Laurie Ferguson, San Francisco, CA
Laurie Hammell, Rushford, MN Laurie L Heselton, Cape Porpoise, ME Laurie C Fralick, Sussex, WI
Laurie L Heid, Watertown, MN Laurie A Goudie, Cranston, RI Laurie Janoska, West Babylon, NY
Laurie Z Keplin, North Fond Du Lac, WI Laurie Holmes, Bemidji, MN Laurie Harbour, Minneapolis, MN
Laurie A Eckes, Rancho Cucamonga, CA Laurie L Hoskins, Renton, WA Laurie Ellis, Dothan, AL
Laurie Jenson, Denver, CO Laurie Kovacs, Vancouver, WA Laurie L Hillestad, Arcadia, WI
Laurie Ferrai, Marina, CA Laurie Hoffman, Saint Louis, MO Laurie Jackson, Livonia, MI
Laurie Dobbins, Escondido, CA Laurie Hartz, Elizabethtown, PA Laurie Hawkins, Newman, IL
Laurie Jarvis, Fallbrook, CA Laurie L Herrlinger, Sacramento, CA Laurie K Fern, Perkasie, PA
Laurie A Kogen, Lake Oswego, OR Laurie Haynes, Bloomington, IL Laurie A Fuller, Weymouth, MA
Laurie Hand, Riverside, CA Laurie Keep, Burien, WA Laurie Johnson, Baudette, MN
Laurie Dolce, Dunkirk, NY Laurie L Jarrett, Graham, NC Laurie Gasparrini, Trumbull, CT
Laurie Keller, Poughkeepsie, NY Laurie Gilbreath, Fort Worth, TX Laurie Elkins, Columbus, OH
Laurie Fowler, Litchfield, CT Laurie F Falzone, Pensacola, FL Laurie A Flores, San Antonio, TX
Laurie F Heflin, Madison, CT Laurie Knowles, Malad City, ID Laurie A Dvoracek, Saint Bonifacius, MN
Laurie Hudgins, Tyler, TX Laurie L Dorris, Oakland, IA Laurie W Firmneck, East Windsor, CT
Laurie Dombrowski, Cleveland, OH Laurie Ehrhardt, Ventura, CA Laurie Hernandez, Alice, TX
Laurie A Dougherty, Philadelphia, PA Laurie Jackson, Atlanta, GA Laurie George, Reston, VA
Laurie Higgins, Anaheim, CA Laurie Jaffe, Glencoe, IL Laurie A Huppi, Avondale, AZ
Laurie File, Roanoke, VA Laurie Hestness, Minneapolis, MN Laurie Golden, Rockledge, FL
Laurie J Halley, Charlotte, NC Laurie Kent, Vail, CO Laurie A Henry, Bryan, TX
Laurie Irons, Limerick, ME Laurie Gibson, Danielson, CT Laurie Haener, Southgate, MI
Laurie Irish-Jones, Clarence, NY Laurie Kosarik, Medina, OH Laurie C Kavanagh, Bay View, MI
Laurie S Goldman, Somerville, MA Laurie Jones, Valley, AL Laurie A Haverfield, Nampa, ID
Laurie M Goetz, Boyceville, WI Laurie Errett, Greensburg, PA Laurie A Fons, Hilton Head Island, SC
Laurie L Hall, Springtown, TX Laurie Digennaro, Canton, GA Laurie J King, Rncho Cordova, CA
Laurie Kaufman, Santa Monica, CA Laurie Doran, Wellesley Hills, MA Laurie Dillemuth, Owatonna, MN
Laurie K Johnson, Washougal, WA Laurie J Halsey, Alfred Station, NY Laurie C Follweiler, Fort Myers, FL
Laurie A Dubyk, Glenside, PA Laurie Hebert, Mesa, CO Laurie Gordon, Hartford, CT
Laurie Kimble, Marksville, LA Laurie A Holmes, East Hartford, CT Laurie Holland, Stewartville, MN
Laurie Kerr, Concord, CA Laurie L Finn, Shawnee, KS Laurie A Eades, Salisbury, MD
Laurie Holley, Alexandria, VA Laurie A Gilligan, Seattle, WA Laurie Lamoreaux, Los Angeles, CA
Laurie J Gineris, Estherville, IA Laurie Eilinsfeld, Colorado Springs, CO Laurie Johnson, Highwood, MT
Laurie D Engleking, Silvis, IL Laurie Henry, Broken Arrow, OK Laurie Ihde, Arlington Heights, IL
Laurie F Halls, Raynham, MA Laurie Hess, Rogersville, MO Laurie Eddy, Inwood, WV
Laurie L Horne, Bridgton, ME Laurie Haynes, Riverside, CA Laurie Franklin, Belmar, NJ
Laurie Gomez, Corpus Christi, TX Laurie D Greene, Casselberry, FL Laurie Glennon, Los Angeles, CA
Laurie Freeman, Murrieta, CA Laurie Duncan, Hillsboro, MO Laurie Fox, Trenton, FL
Laurie Fischer, Redondo Beach, CA Laurie A Hatcher, Oviedo, FL Laurie Haas, Los Angeles, CA
Laurie A Frie, Scranton, PA Laurie Harmon, Seminole, FL Laurie Kessinger, Reading, MA
Laurie Franchi, Fruitland Pk, FL Laurie Fuller, Mechanicsvlle, VA Laurie A Jaques, Wilmington, OH
Laurie Kreisberg, San Francisco, CA Laurie A Griffin, Vail, CO Laurie Holland, Inman, SC
Laurie King, Bono, AR Laurie E Iten, West Lafayette, IN Laurie Kramer, Bel Air, MD
Laurie R Doherty, Chico, CA Laurie Emmons, Kansas City, MO Laurie L Kovaleski, San Jose, CA
Laurie Krupala, Whitewright, TX Laurie R Kotalik, Omaha, NE Laurie M Emert, Jackson, GA
Laurie Hennegar, Lantana, FL Laurie A Kinsman, Newberg, OR Laurie Heim, Kingsville, OH
Laurie Kallus, Needham Heights, MA Laurie Gates, Seattle, WA Laurie Hagy, Stow, OH
Laurie B Gardner, Centennial, CO Laurie C Juiliani, Watertown, NY Laurie Gilbert, Indianapolis, IN
Laurie King, Altamonte Springs, FL Laurie K Kissane, Milford, MA Laurie G Gray, Denver, CO
Laurie Hardy, Macomb, MI Laurie Gilliland, Carlin, NV Laurie Hamilton, Anniston, AL
Laurie Fields, Greenville, TX Laurie Fujimoto, Torrance, CA Laurie Diamond, New Hyde Park, NY
Laurie L Garza, Rancho Cucamonga, CA Laurie Huffman, Gadsden, AL Laurie Frazier, Gainesville, GA
Laurie M Drost, Arlington Heights, IL Laurie J Kalsto, Venice, FL Laurie Gerik, Waco, TX
Laurie A Grimes, Pinckney, MI Laurie Eckman, Baltimore, MD Laurie Elrod, Pontotoc, MS
Laurie Gilliard, Rochester, NY Laurie M Garden, Marshall, VA Laurie Finnegan, Albuquerque, NM
Laurie Jalenak, Boca Raton, FL Laurie Hansen, Coon Rapids, MN Laurie Irizarry, New Haven, CT
Laurie Igo, Charlotte, NC Laurie K Duncan, Soldotna, AK Laurie Glader, Weston, MA
Laurie K Khan, Pickerington, OH Laurie Kuykendall, Hunter, OK Laurie A Hulett, Harvest, AL
Laurie Ellerman, Bonfield, IL Laurie Hess, Fairfield, CA Laurie Eddings, Granbury, TX
Laurie Gendron, La Place, LA Laurie J Holt, Raleigh, NC Laurie B Jacobs, Bay City, MI
Laurie Hurley, Honea Path, SC Laurie A Garcia, Lowell, MI Laurie Elrod, Roseburg, OR
Laurie Howard, Goreville, IL Laurie L Howard, Waterville, ME Laurie P Halliday, Oakland, CA
Laurie A Fantasia, Belford, NJ Laurie A Kleinhans, Sterling Heights, MI Laurie Farris, Shawnee, OK
Laurie Kokenes, Brookfield, IL Laurie A Johnson, Bakersfield, CA Laurie Fisher, Los Angeles, CA
Laurie Kaczmarek, Addison, IL Laurie A Hoffman, Stillwater, MN Laurie D Gramberg, Meadow Vista, CA
Laurie K Harris, Cullman, AL Laurie A Giese, Racine, WI Laurie Grant, North Plains, OR
Laurie Johnson, Osceola, WI Laurie L Faure, Honolulu, HI Laurie Ise, Providence, RI
Laurie Holman, Roseburg, OR Laurie Dietz, Rolling Mdws, IL Laurie E Duncan, West Palm Beach, FL
Laurie Hahn, Arlington Heights, IL Laurie A Jones, Rochester, NY Laurie Kulchin, Los Angeles, CA
Laurie Howlett, Bakersfield, CA Laurie June, Tallahassee, FL Laurie A Hofmann, North Potomac, MD
Laurie A Farrell, Savannah, GA Laurie D Howard, West Orange, NJ Laurie J Kubli, Worthington, PA
Laurie R Douglas, Atlanta, GA Laurie L Hall, Saranac Lake, NY Laurie A Greco, Bellevue, NE
Laurie Fisher, Poolesville, MD Laurie J Gallegos, San Diego, CA Laurie Dunbar, Flint, MI
Laurie Hamel, Oxford, CT Laurie Fox, Wallingford, CT Laurie Gantt, Union City, TN
Laurie Glass, Stillwater, OK Laurie Doyle, San Bernardino, CA Laurie Hathaway, Windsor, VT
Laurie Gill, Franklin, OH Laurie Freeman, New Haven, CT Laurie Enloe, Wildomar, CA
Laurie Hilliard, San Mateo, CA Laurie A Haberman, Ellensburg, WA Laurie A Gregg, The Plains, OH
Laurie Eagleson, Highlands Ranch, CO Laurie E Glass, Freehold, NJ Laurie R Fischer, Pittsfield, MA
Laurie A Eaves, Peterborough, NH Laurie Gorrell, Norfolk, MA Laurie Jenny, Bethlehem, PA
Laurie A Hendershot, Fernley, NV Laurie J Lambert, Summerland, CA Laurie Graham, Oakland, MI
Laurie A Field, Idaho Falls, ID Laurie E Jenkins, Haines City, FL Laurie Hov, Portland, OR
Laurie Hirschi, Cedar City, UT Laurie A Johnson, Jerome, ID Laurie Kelly, Haslett, MI
Laurie Jensen, Oregon City, OR Laurie Inhauser, Beechhurst, NY Laurie Hage, Cleveland, OH
Laurie J Flanagan, Spring, TX Laurie Kruse, Warren, MI Laurie A Graf, Quincy, MA
Laurie A Holmes, Wareham, MA Laurie Helm, Muskego, WI Laurie A Foster, Van Buren, AR
Laurie J Johnson, Stafford, CT Laurie Kendall, Ridgefield, WA Laurie M Kasparian, Montvale, NJ
Laurie Francisco, Vanderwagen, NM Laurie A Fitzgerald, Aurora, CO Laurie L Dickson, Earlville, IL
Laurie Dries, Paterson, NJ Laurie A Kocinski, Chicago, IL Laurie Ellis, Valrico, FL
Laurie Glemser, Ambler, PA Laurie Dotson, Bend, OR Laurie Fountain, Clayton, GA
Laurie Kozlakowski, Groton, CT Laurie Glasmann, Glendale, CO Laurie Jeffries, Louisville, KY
Laurie L Hixson, Los Alamos, NM Laurie A Johnson, Springdale, AR Laurie C Gross, Toledo, OH
Laurie Jordan, Clio, AL Laurie B Horvath, New York, NY Laurie Dorisio, Medford, NJ
Laurie Harwood, Hudson Falls, NY Laurie A Javorina, Saint Paul, MN Laurie C Guzman, East Elmhurst, NY
Laurie Lachance, Battle Creek, MI Laurie A Knight, Bogalusa, LA Laurie Jefferson, Hyde Park, MA
Laurie A Dupuis, Chicopee, MA Laurie A Fitch, Channahon, IL Laurie A Johns, Wind Gap, PA
Laurie A Hecht, Erie, PA Laurie L Fitzpatrick, Portage, MI Laurie Janssen, De Pere, WI
Laurie A Jensen, Suring, WI Laurie Douglas, Jackson, MO Laurie Dolan, Olympia, WA
Laurie Hansencardona, Milwaukee, WI Laurie Kelliher, Venice, CA Laurie Dunne, Chicago, IL
Laurie A Govinsky, Tinton Falls, NJ Laurie Dietrich, Pioneer, CA Laurie A Jones, Sarasota, FL
Laurie Hurt, Decatur, AL Laurie A Domerese, Branson, MO Laurie Griffith, Doyline, LA
Laurie M Ducharme, Burke, VA Laurie J Kawalski, Toledo, OH Laurie S Ivey, Jacksonville, FL
Laurie J Fielder, Napoleon, OH Laurie A Fairman, Leechburg, PA Laurie W Huotari, Wayzata, MN
Laurie A Hubbard, East Amherst, NY Laurie Gordon, Warren, MI Laurie Grimmett, Port Barre, LA
Laurie J Helman, East Stroudsburg, PA Laurie Johnson, Decatur, IL Laurie A Key, Hardy, VA
Laurie Keith, Lycoming, PA Laurie Jones, Ontario, OH Laurie Howard, Miami, OK
Laurie Evans, Vancouver, WA Laurie D Gambino, Hudson, FL Laurie Findlay, Denver, CO
Laurie D Figueroa, Redding, CA Laurie A Filzen, Edmonds, WA Laurie F Fattore, Island Lake, IL
Laurie Edwards, Erie, PA Laurie Jantzen, Sabetha, KS Laurie Douglas, Batavia, OH
Laurie C Glesner, Hallandale Beach, FL Laurie O Jensen, Roy, UT Laurie Fabick, Saint James City, FL
Laurie E Hardwick, Dayton, OH Laurie Kreindler, Bedford, NY Laurie Holloway, Indianapolis, IN
Laurie Eads, Bristol, IN Laurie C Jarvis, Milford, CT Laurie A Heineman, Tacoma, WA
Laurie Labrecque, Portsmouth, NH Laurie M King, Blackstone, VA Laurie A Hayes, Johnstown, CO
Laurie Fisher-Dykes, Williston, VT Laurie Gonzalez, Topeka, KS Laurie Girardet, Erin, NY
Laurie D Gierlach, Northville, MI Laurie Galloway, Covington, LA Laurie S Krupp, New York, NY
Laurie Klima, Minneapolis, MN Laurie Johnson, Sacramento, CA Laurie J Hetrick, Wolcottville, IN
Laurie Hellinghausen, Plano, TX Laurie Haener, Clarkston, WA Laurie Huskey, Maricopa, AZ
Laurie A Fisher, Tulsa, OK Laurie Goldberg, Rego Park, NY Laurie Fuentes, Norristown, PA
Laurie Fournier, Norfolk, VA Laurie M Hoppough, Jordan, NY Laurie A Garland, Buffalo, NY
Laurie Koeck, Dodge, WI Laurie E Horan, Emmett, MI Laurie Hoffman, Strawn, TX
Laurie Fleming, Luna Pier, MI Laurie Johnson, Berlin, NJ Laurie L Hall, Kansas City, MO
Laurie Kennedy, Denver, CO Laurie Ducharme, Virginia Beach, VA Laurie Feldman, Chicago, IL
Laurie E Hauser, Branchburg, NJ Laurie Harris, Ogden, UT Laurie Gleaton, Virginia Bch, VA
Laurie Edelman, Westchester, NY Laurie K Duncan, Perry, GA Laurie L Green, Ypsilanti, MI
Laurie Kessen, Custer, WA Laurie Engelhardt, Pinckneyville, IL Laurie S Everette, Robersonville, NC
Laurie Isner-Miracle, Glen Burnie, MD Laurie Kaplan, Winnetka, IL Laurie A Guay, Bradley, ME
Laurie Godwin, Anthony, FL Laurie P Hendrix, Westerville, OH Laurie L Dowis, North Adams, MI
Laurie Ferry, Warren, OH Laurie G Hawver, Palos Verdes Estates, CA