Why should I read a Privacy Policy?

We tend to ignore Privacy Policies when we use a website. When was the last time you read either one for a website you use regularly? The contents of the privacy policy could include, amongst other data: What data is…

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Where can I find out about different US State Privacy Laws?

Whether you are looking for general privacy laws/bills or ones related to children or employees, you can find them on the National Conference of State Legislatures page on Privacy.

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Does a Company Have To Notify Me If Hackers Stole My Data From Them?

In the United States, yes, companies must disclose that information in accordance with security breach notification laws. Breaches must be reported if "sensitive personally identifying information has been acquired or is reasonably believed to have been acquired by an unauthorized…

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What is the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA / AB375)?

The CCPA (which may still be amended by the time it comes into force) seeks to put privacy rules around larger tech companies and tech brokers or else California residents may sue them (though it is believed many states will…

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Is my Mobile Phone Company or Internet Service Provider (ISP) Selling Which Sites I Have Been To?

The short answer is maybe (probably, even). There have been plenty of reports that they are selling all sorts of data, possibly at an individual level, possibly at an aggregated level. In fact, the FTC has asked seven providers to…

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