Who can track which websites I’ve visited?

We often get asked who by users who it is that is tracking their browsing habits. The questions most often come up based on some creepy ads that are very specific to the user's browsing habits. How you're tracked Your…

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Where can I find out about different US State Privacy Laws?

Whether you are looking for general privacy laws/bills or ones related to children or employees, you can find them on the National Conference of State Legislatures page on Privacy.

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How to get burglarized because of Social Media

Sites like Foursquare, Yelp, and Facebook have check-in features. A check-in is when you go into an app and tell the world you are currently at a location by "checking in" to that location. So, when you leave your house…

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What Do I Do When I Find Out My Data Has Been Breached?

It is always a bit unsettling when you find out that your data has been breached. Here are some tips on what to do next. Find out what data the hackers got. Did they get your username and password, credit…

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Does a Company Have To Notify Me If Hackers Stole My Data From Them?

In the United States, yes, companies must disclose that information in accordance with security breach notification laws. Breaches must be reported if "sensitive personally identifying information has been acquired or is reasonably believed to have been acquired by an unauthorized…

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Why Do Companies Sell Data or Targeting of Their Users?

The next time you use and enjoy a social media site or a search engine, remember that these companies have spent an inordinate amount of money developing these fantastic products...but how can they do that when you are using their…

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Do Companies Use Consumer Data to Make Product Decisions?

The short answer is "Yes." Smart companies know that they have to constantly evolve. Keeping track of what their customers are doing and watching trends are ways to get ahead of their decision-making. Alex Stamos, former Chief Security Officer (CSO)…

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How Can I Avoid Email Trackers?

Email tracking can track whether you've opened an email or clicked on a link. Are there ways to prevent them from tracking you? Yes! If you use Gmail, you can use one of the many plugins available, one of which…

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Can People Tell If I’ve Read Their Email?

The short answer is "Yes." Regardless of whether it is a marketing email from a list or an email sent specifically to you by a salesperson, email trackers can be utilized to check whether you have viewed the email and…

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Do Americans Distrust Social Media?

The 2018 Norton LifeLock Cyber Safety Insights Report was recently released and, according to eWeek: 62% of consumers believe that cybercrime is at least as common as getting the flu 84% want to do something more to improve their privacy…

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